HikerAlert The Hiking Safety App

If you love to spend time in the outdoors,
stay safe while doing what you love!

The HikerAlert system makes it easy for you to record and share vital information about your outdoor trips with your friends and family, and HikerAlert will send alert messages to your emergency contacts if you don't check-in.

HikerAlert is an HTML5 Web App, not a native mobile phone app, so you never need to download or install updates, and you can use it on any mobile device, including iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones and Blackberries. In fact, you don't need a smart phone at all. You can manage your trips on your desktop or laptop computer before you head out the door, and you can receive and reply to HikerAlert safety check messages from any text message compatible phone.

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How Does HikerAlert Work?

HikerAlert icon Register with HikerAlert.com by entering your contact information, so we can reach you if you don't check in by your scheduled return time. Next, tell us where you'll be going, and enter the contact information of at least one emergency contact, who we'll notify if you don't respond to HikerAlert's messages. You can also save your favorite trails, so you can create a trip report in seconds. HikerAlert's text messaging system can be configured to work in over 150 countries, so use it near home or abroad.


Think It Can't Happen To You?

Yosemite rescue Each year in the U.S., there are thousands of search and rescue missions for lost and injured hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, hunters, boaters and other outdoor recreationalists. Of those individuals, how many got up in the morning thinking that would be the day they would need to be rescued? Probably none. Yes, it can happen to you, even when you least expect it! Give yourself, or perhaps more importantly, give your loved ones some extra peace of mind when you go out and play by using HikerAlert.com.

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It's Not Just For Solo Hikers!

Hiking couple Unexpected accidents don't happen to only individuals, they can happen to entire groups, as well. Although HikerAlert can't prevent accidents from happening, it can be a true lifesaver when they do. Get all of your hiking partners to sign up, too. HikerAlert makes it quick and easy to list your group's members, vehicles, dogs, emergency contacts, as well as your campsite locations, the current local weather and more, all on the same trip report. Click on the button to view a sample HikerAlert Report.

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"Letting someone know where you are headed and when to expect you back is extremely important. ... If search and rescue agencies are notified of a missing hiker within hours instead of days, the probability of a positive outcome increases dramatically."

- USDA Forest Service Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests website